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A B O U T    U S
  We are an international company, specialised on trading with PE- cling films and other packaging material for household.
   We can offer you PE-Cling film: standard sizes are: 20, 30, 45, 300 m rolls (packed in PP-bags except the last ones, which are packed in carton paper boxes) with a strengthens of 9 my and a width of 290 mm. PE-Cling film -"Gastro" : 300 mm x 300m ; 450mm x 300m ; 300mm x 1500m ; 450mm x 1500m ; 350 x 2100 mm ; 400mm x 2100 mm with or without carton- box packaging.   We are also suppliers of different products for the every day household use such as : Alu-foil, garbage bags, baking paper, cellophane , roll-bags